Living our dreams out Loud!

I’ve lived a life that many think is outrageous, extravagant, unbelievable, enviable and some think irresponsible. WOW, that never stops making me sad. Seriously, I’ve lived so many of my dreams, why is that enviable? We should all be living our lives out loud!

I grew up crazy poor in an outrageously dysfunctional home and spent my childhood hanging onto visions of what I wanted in life because I was certain that the life I was raised or conditioned to live would ABSOLUTELY NOT win out! I knew there was art, intellectual discussions, gorgeous far away places, careers and loves that would be mine if I stayed open to the vast choices we all have the ability to make in our lives.

Sure, as I lived each dream I also had a crazy amount of dysfunctional behavior of my own to clear up but I kept going after my dreams regardless of the emotional crap brought out of my childhood.

I decided instead of writing the design blog I’d dreamed of  or the travel blog I’d dreamed OR the inspirational blog I’d dreamed of that I would create this blog. A blog about my favorite quote of all time!


Yep, there’s more to that original quote but this is the part that has resonated with me my whole freakin life! So this my fellow rock stars, (regardless of wether you’ve had the courage yet or not to be your fabulous rock star self ) is what I’ll be sharing with you.

For me, luscious design of all forms, traveling on day trips to year long sailing trips and love in its many forms is what defines Living my life out loud FOR ME. Perhaps over time, if you have not yet ” gone out loud ” with your life, my crazy personal stories will help you to say, “Fuck it… Life is to short for me to stay quite”

Rock on folks, ROCK ON!


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