Tenacious patience… A.k.a enjoying the journey


You all know I’m on a BIG juicy journey. It’s filled with yoga, healthy whole foods, listening daily to inspirational speakers. Sounds great huh? One thing though, I’ve always been impatient.

A couple of weeks ago I started feeling antsy, I want to do the really cool yogi stuff, I want to be even more fit and thin than what my 6 months have given me! I want to stop creating moments of financial hardship on myself NOW!

We all know change takes time. I know that cool yogi stuff can take years to be ready for…not to master but to be ready to start learning. I must safely develop my strength, my flexibility. It takes time to loose fat and build muscle, it takes time to lower your cholesterol with out scary meds.

What  I’ve been reminded of is something I learned 33 years ago. I developed habits and mind sets that would keep me feeling safe. I developed these when I had no one in my youth to teach me how to truly be safe. These habits and mind sets have been with me my whole life so they are pretty certain that they are LARGE and IN CHARGE! So as I reach outside of my comfort zone, these mind sets are freaking the fuck out!

Recently I was thrilled to see that in a short 5 1/2 months I had lost 20 lbs, lost 7″ off of my waist AND am on the right path for lowering my cholesterol!  Since then, I’ve had days at a time of sitting on my butt and not doing yoga, driving home from work and going through the drive thru at…wait for it…KFC!!! I haven’t eaten their food since I was a kid. Sugary treats came roaring back in, and as I attempted to get back on track, I added daily 1 hr of listening to the likes of Les Brown and The FABULOUS Lisa Nichols. Whoa! Suddenly I felt scared, so nervous in the world, so afraid I will never meet my next set of goals…just seriously freaking out!

Well, clearly my subconscious had gotten frightened by my new life style choices but I didn’t realize that’s what my unhealthy binging was about until I started working DIRECTLY with subconscious reprogramming when listening to these inspirational speakers who I could relate too. These are not folks who grew up privileged, these are my people. People who grew up poor hearing from the world that at best, they will be mediocre, part of the masses, but probably not even that. These are my people who have known being broke.

This morning, I continued listening to their speaking engagements on YouTube and I did my morning yoga and I made my morning smoothie and I cooked a healthy lunch to take to work. I drove past KFC grateful that I am not judging myself for my subconscious trying to protect little me and keep me safe with mediocrity. I’m home from work now continuing to do the items on my list, the list I made to accomplish my 30 day goal.

I also learned 33 years ago that in life, you will achieve your dreams if you feel the fear and do it anyhow!

Go on with your BAD Selves! We can do this no matter how hard our knees shake and voices tremble! Baby, we CAN do this!


2 thoughts on “Tenacious patience… A.k.a enjoying the journey

  1. Fierce Words. Thanks for posting. Just had a holiday binge that derailed my new pants. I was muttering all of the way to work and then I read your brilliant post. Cheers


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