Styling a Fabulous Life

Blog photo may 2017

Fashion, design, living a well styled life.

What does it all mean to a single woman in her 50’s? I will tell you, JOY, spontaneity, free time to do what you damn well please, time to flirt with handsome men, take hot bubble baths, get on the yoga mat for as much or as little time as you want, design the next stage of your fabulous career, remodel your home, hike a mountain, buy a new wardrobe if you please with NO questions asked.

I am 55 years old, moved myself to GORGEOUS Palm Springs, California 3 months ago, am restarting my interior design business clear across the country from where I was making a comfy income. For the first time I own my home ALONE, no one else to help with expenses but I am also making design plans that no one else must approve of!

I am taking myself to elegant restaurants, hiking alone in the mountains and slowly making new friends. This my dear lady friends is very fun all on my own schedule!

Money has finally become excessively tight and I don’t care. I know myself well enough to know, I can up my creative hustle and all will be just fine, I didn’t leave the feisty Punk Rock era of my early 20’s without skills well learned!. My cats are becoming indoor outdoor cats (at their crazed insistence) and it makes me nervous but I do understand their need for freedom in the gorgeous desert and the related risk, much like the risk that I may be eaten alive in the competitive design world known as S. California. My home is slowly being decorated because well, cash is tight but also because I want to take my time, change my mind without judgment and nail it when I finally decide how every room will be styled.

So what does Fashion, Design and A well style life have to do with any of this?

Fashion was my first artistic love and when I nail it as my own personal stylist each morning I feel like I can WIN at anything I take on. Interior design was a very close 2nd love at a very young age, but after I found fashion. Working in this luscious field allows me to do what I love, be surrounded by yummy visuals every day and work with clients on understanding the importance a well styled home has on our emotional life.

A well styled life simply means taking enough time alone whether on walks, vacations or in hot baths to truly feel what life style resonates with you. No matter how scary, expensive or time consuming it will be to manifest this lifestyle JUMP off the cliff and do it! Even in little stages you will feel the energizing resonance flushing through every cell, every minute of your day.

Life is short, style it FABULOUSLY!




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