Styling a Fabulous Life

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Fashion, design, living a well styled life.

What does it all mean to a single woman in her 50’s? I will tell you, JOY, spontaneity, free time to do what you damn well please, time to flirt with handsome men, take hot bubble baths, get on the yoga mat for as much or as little time as you want, design the next stage of your fabulous career, remodel your home, hike a mountain, buy a new wardrobe if you please with NO questions asked.

I am 55 years old, moved myself to GORGEOUS Palm Springs, California 3 months ago, am restarting my interior design business clear across the country from where I was making a comfy income. For the first time I own my home ALONE, no one else to help with expenses but I am also making design plans that no one else must approve of!

I am taking myself to elegant restaurants, hiking alone in the mountains and slowly making new friends. This my dear lady friends is very fun all on my own schedule!

Money has finally become excessively tight and I don’t care. I know myself well enough to know, I can up my creative hustle and all will be just fine, I didn’t leave the feisty Punk Rock era of my early 20’s without skills well learned!. My cats are becoming indoor outdoor cats (at their crazed insistence) and it makes me nervous but I do understand their need for freedom in the gorgeous desert and the related risk, much like the risk that I may be eaten alive in the competitive design world known as S. California. My home is slowly being decorated because well, cash is tight but also because I want to take my time, change my mind without judgment and nail it when I finally decide how every room will be styled.

So what does Fashion, Design and A well style life have to do with any of this?

Fashion was my first artistic love and when I nail it as my own personal stylist each morning I feel like I can WIN at anything I take on. Interior design was a very close 2nd love at a very young age, but after I found fashion. Working in this luscious field allows me to do what I love, be surrounded by yummy visuals every day and work with clients on understanding the importance a well styled home has on our emotional life.

A well styled life simply means taking enough time alone whether on walks, vacations or in hot baths to truly feel what life style resonates with you. No matter how scary, expensive or time consuming it will be to manifest this lifestyle JUMP off the cliff and do it! Even in little stages you will feel the energizing resonance flushing through every cell, every minute of your day.

Life is short, style it FABULOUSLY!




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Rocking ageing with strength, agility, freedom, friendship, health and joy. Is this not what we all want? Well grrrrl, let’s do it! We do not need to be perfect in our attempts we simply need to be fearless in each day expanding our limits.

One day my leg will stretch fully straight but for now, it’s better than it was. Today my joy is strengthening with each new friendship I make.

My dreams are closer because I simply allow them to come true, NO MATTER WHAT!

This post is simply asking, Can we all applaud each other for our fearless movement toward ageing with joy today?

Kisses to all of you, let’s rock this powerful, sexy thang called ageing!

I Just Saw this Picture and I’m So Disturbed. Because it’s Me.

I write about Designing a life well lived. It is mostly about loving our selves and our world community. This sad, powerful and beautiful post addresses a cultural need for us to take seriously the act of loving our brothers and sisters of all walks of life. I am a white woman, silence in regard to racism is simply NOT an act of love. Speak up, stand up when ever you see and hear racism, please.


13653430_1070638483027630_2650636656912865440_o-1 This morning The Love Life of an Asian Guy posted this picture on facebook with the following commentary:

This is one of the most powerful images I’ve seen in years.

You’re peeking directly into the laboratory of white supremacy. A system that will send TWO men in full riot gear to arrest ONE Black woman for one purpose: give her a criminal record.

If she is charged (most Black protestors are) for participating in a peaceful protest, she’ll be forced to disclose her new criminal record on ALL job applications and applications for rent.

That one small change can limit where she works, how much she can get paid, and where she can rent.

The implications are LIFE CHANGING. This act of arresting peaceful Black protestors is SYSTEMATIC RACISM AT WORK, BEFORE YOUR VERY EYES.

“You’re a Harvard Law graduate? 7 years of experience? Nice! Ooh, it looks like…

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I want it all


The messy

The well curated

The loving

The spontaneous

The neurotic

The fabulous

The mundane

I’m happy with it all in life because all of it is what I bring into my life, my vibe, my vortex.

All of it is what creates the vibration of who I am in the here and now.

It is the loving of all that I am and all that I create that allows me to simply flow into the future that I want.

I’m good with that.

I adore all of this.


Letting go of extremes


It has been awhile since I have written. I have spent the last couple of months wobbling between trying to feel good about the results in my life and feeling down right crappy about the results in my life!

I did not reach my weight goals by the date I had set my goals for.

I did not reach my financial goals when I had set them for.

I did not keep to my daily work out goals.

If the NOW is not the skinny, muscular, financially secure reality I had dreamed of then I messed up! If my finances are not where I wanted them RIGHT NOW then how the heck can they be where I want them in 8 months or 17 months or 5 years from now?

If I am not sticking to my health goals then just how delusional am I to think I can have a goal of teaching healthy behaviors to others in a few years?


Suddenly I remembered…

Mindfullness in the NOW brings joy.

Mindfullness in the NOW allows me to enjoy what I have achieved.

Mindfullness in the NOW allows me to live my dreams now.

I realized this morning that I only have 13 lbs to be at my goal weight. Living in this new body NOW allows me to more comfortably workout and to wear the smaller sizes that bring me my goal of living a vibrant, sexy, glowing, fashionable life NOW.

I want to be hiking with my son in the Rockies this summer so hiking in Ohio NOW allows me to live in that dream of breathing in beauty NOW  and just so happens to be getting me in better shape for hiking in the Rockies.

Enjoying the beauty of my everyday surroundings NOW bring the sense of satisfaction that makes saving money a joy rather than spending money for instant gratification when I feel lacking.

I had gotten so caught up with my goals that feel EXTREME in comparison to what I see as lacking now that I got bummed out. I became so deeply dissatisfied with my focusing on lack in the now that I lost sight of the abundance in the now.

The abundance of sunlight

The abundance of health

The abundance of kind friends

The abundance of beautiful art in my home

The abundance of finances that keep my bills paid

The abundance of beautiful nature in my yard

The abundance of kind words from friends and clients

The abundance of fun with my coworkers

The abundance of time spent with my son and his partner on their recent visit

My focus on what currently feels EXTREME in my future left me focusing on what I perceived as lacking in my NOW.

I am so grateful to slide back into a place of Mindfullness of what beauty is in my NOW. I started this journey chilled, in receiving mode, honoring my pace that needed to be slow in the beginning. When I realized this morning that I was focused completely on what feels like extreme goals (of course the goals for 5 years down the road feel extreme) I opened a video on YouTube and laughed hysterically when it started with an ad about how bummed out we get about our goals when we are not mindful of the NOW! Ha! The universe made me laugh out loud with that lovely affirmation of what I’d just realized.

Enjoy the day friends, no matter what, just enjoy the day.